A new book series celebrating the Information Graphic Visionaries of our time, Florence Nightingale, Emma Willard & Étienne-Jules Marey, launches on Kickstarter

Containing essays from experts in their fields, complete visual catalogs and never before seen photographs and discoveries, the IGV aims to raise $65,000 to publish and share these spectacular creators’ stories with the world.


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Book covers and detail shots
Information Graphic Visionaries: Emma Willard: Maps of History, Florence Nightingale: Mortality & Health Diagrams, and Étienne-Jules Marey: The Graphic Method, La Méthode Graphique. Detail interiors.

(San Francisco, CA, USA, MAY 2021) –Information Graphic Visionaries is a book series celebrating spectacular creators, their craft and their legacies. Consisting of Emma Willard: Maps of History, Florence Nightingale: Mortality & Health Diagrams, and Étienne-Jules Marey: The Graphic Method, La Méthode Graphique, the series is set to launch on Kickstarter from May 11, 2021, intending to reach a goal of $65,000 in order to publish.

Throughout history, the creators who defined our current methods of organizing information have been overlooked. Emma Willard created new ways to understand and depict time, her inventions defined chronology for millions of Americans. Florence Nightingales data stories persuaded royals and generals to adopt health reforms, preventing thousands of needless deaths. Étienne-Jules Marey revealed to the human eye what it cannot naturally see; changing not only science, but cinema and art too. His poetic book, titled The Graphic Method (La Méthode Graphique), was the first about data graphics and has inspired insiders for over a century. It has never been translated to English, until now.

The international team compiled these exhaustive compositions by researching collections around the world, establishing complete visual catalogs of work from letters, sketches and edits through to completed work, discovered new materials and found long lost graphics. Archival photography has allowed the reproduction of these findings to be printed to scale, revealing details often overlooked. 


RJ Andrews is series editor. He is author of Info We Trust, how to inspire the world with data and guest curator of “Data Visualization and the Modern Imagination,” an exhibit about the history of information graphics at Stanford University.

Lorenzo Fanton is series art director & designer. He brings expertise in brand identity, editorial design, and packaging to the series from working at top NYC design agencies Sagmeister & Walsh, Collins, and Pentagram.

Susan Schulten, PhD, is professor of history at the University of Denver. She is the author of A History of America in 100 Maps, Mapping the Nation,The Geographical Imagination in America, and Constructing the American Past.

Georges Hattab, PhD, leads the Data Analytics and Visualization group and heads the Bioinformatics division in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Marburg.

Lynn McDonald  is professor emerita at the University of Guelph. She is the director of The Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, a 16-volume edition of Florence Nightingale’s books, articles, pamphlets and previously unpublished correspondence.

Marta Braun is professor at Ryerson University and Director of its graduate program in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management. She is author of Picturing Time, the work of Etienne-Jules Marey, and Eadweard Muybridge.


Information Graphic Visionaries: 

Emma Willard: Maps of History (216 pgs,) with contribution by Susan Schulten, PhD 

Florence Nightingale: Mortality & Health Diagrams (208 pags,)  with contribution by RJ Andrews 

Étienne-Jules Marey: The Graphic Method, La Méthode Graphique (256 pgs)  Part 1 with contribution by Georges Hattab 

Size: 7.8 x 11 (W x H) 

Hardcover book printed on Manifattura del Seveso cotton tissue book cloth, gold foil stamp lettering Dust Jacket printed with custom PMS colors 

Interior pages and section dividers on Munken Polar Paper 

Printed in Italy 

US$72.00 pledge for one book of your choice, pledge upwards of US$175.00 for three book set and extras (see Kickstarter page) 

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Interior Images


Images from Emma Willard: Maps of History, Florence Nightingale: Mortality & Health Diagrams, or Étienne-Jules Marey: The Graphic Method, La Méthode Graphique, All images credited to Information Graphic Visionaries.